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Biz Tech Staffing is dedicated to solving your staffing needs and easing the difficulties involved with finding talented candidates. We’re a staffing agency devoted to creating better recruiting practices, including cost of service and HR services, which aren’t currently available in the marketplace.
We bring over 10 years of recruiting experience and combine it with the technical knowledge necessary to do the heavy lifting and find you talent that drives your business forward. The recruiting market is often bogged down by unqualified or dishonest resumes that lead to lost time, money, and effort.
We aim to eliminate this.
We provide support to all our resources so they can thrive in your organization, including training opportunities, personal and leadership growth, ongoing care and feed, and others.

Connecting People for over 10 Years


Why We’re Different.


We marry technical and recruiting experience to ensure you have the right people vetting potential resources. We know what to look for in a resume, and how to spot the good and bad signs hidden within them. We bring our expertise to:
We only deliver the candidates that meet or exceed your requirements and expectations. We understand and respect the value of your time and your business, and will always be upfront and transparent about any challenges we face in meeting your requirements.
We can also provide you with ideas on how you can invest in training, addressing knowledge or skill gaps for the resource, and more, whenever necessary.


We recognize that you are likely coming to us to fulfill your temporary staffing needs, or having exhausted your options with the Product Vendor and/or the Sis.
Here at Biz Tech Staffing, we provide you with undivided attention as soon as you tell us about your requirement(s). We are constantly keeping up with a vast network of resources, their referrals, and connecting to new talent so help fill essential roles quickly.
We use ATS tools and automated mechanisms to identify the right talent for your organization, search for known resources within those automated results, and look for referrals and connections within the shortlist to those we know and trust. We follow a similar process on social media, all while respecting privacy.
We understand your need to move fast, but we also know that finding the right talent for you is better in the long term than finding someone who ticks the boxes, but may lack the right soft skills or attitude. If we don’t have anyone suitable, we may choose to reach out to one of our Partners. Our Partner vendor selection process is stringent and we only choose experienced vendors with the same culture and standards as us. To partner with us, they must deliver quality qualified candidates and their ethics must be above reproach.

Consultant Care

Our consultants are the face of Biz Tech Staffing. We rely on their referrals for our future success, and so they are at the core of our value chain. We vehemently encourage our management to build strong, lasting relationships with our Consultants. They care, feed, acknowledge and reward their referrals, accomplishments and commitment to delivering value.
Each team member has the right knowledge, materials, and equipment to support your business’s needs. Each Consultant has access to a repository of documentation and templates they can utilize. We encourage ongoing personal growth and professional development. We encourage and fund certification testings in technical areas of interest.

Areas of Expertise

Information Technology

ERP (Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, others), Databases include Oracle, Teradata, Greenplum etc. Business Intelligence/Analytics areas of expertise to include solutions from Snowflake, Oracle, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Redshift, Tableau, Looker, and others. Java programming, Python Developers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists etc. leveraging our technical experience and a wide network of resources and partners.

Quality Engineering & Testing Center of Excellence

Our primary and fastest growing areas of servicing for out cleints is quality engineering. We offer both US based and offshore resources for round the clock support, and use both manual and auto-testing tools.

Our primary and fastest growing areas of servicing for out cleints is quality engineering. We offer both US based and offshore resources for round the clock support, and use both manual and auto-testing tools.

Project Managers/Business Analyst's

We are capable of serving Project Managers, Business Analyst both on a temporary basis as well as permanent placements.

Cloud Solutions Services

Cloud Solutions Service area include Snowflake Data Platform in the Cloud (Certified consultants), Sales Force, Mulesoft, Tableau, Oracle Cloud Saas and PaaS solutions, Workday, among others.

We are your partners in staff augmentation. We follow a project-based methodology and provide bi-weekly status reports and two calls a month. We provide a system of processes that provide us and our customers with a level of efficiency that is second-to-none.

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