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Are You Seeking Top Talent?

We understand the challenges you face when searching for talent. Our team can take care of the time-consuming task of sifting through resumes and qualifying candidates, allowing you to focus on making progress.
A prolonged talent search can be resource-intensive for your organization. Despite working with good MSP vendors, you may still spend a lot of time sorting through resumes that are not suitable, too alike, and qualifying candidates that may not be the right fit.
With several years of technical experience and 10 years of recruiting experience, we are well-positioned to be your ideal partners in addressing your staffing needs.


Years of Experience

Biz Tech Staffing is laser-focused on easing the difficulties involved in the talent procurement process. We include cost of service and HR services our competitors don’t. We seek the balance between necessary technical knowledge and essential soft skills that will make or break a placement.

Our Recruiting Process

Requirements Analysis

We use a robust screening process to ensure we provide the most qualified and motivated candidates to our clients. If we wouldn’t want them working for us, we won’t pass their details on to you.


We do the legwork: we check provided references and multiple social networks to contact someone we know and trust who can validate the quality of the candidate we’re considering. We’ll test any prospect or consultant as necessary for the role you’re looking to fill.

Interview Process & Screening

All potential candidates are interviewed by one (or more) of our senior leaders to validate their technical knowledge, and ensure they have the right skill set for your role.

Reporting & Optimization

We strongly encourage and reward personal growth and on-going professional development in our consultants. In order to help our consultants stay at the top of their field, we offer mentoring, training, and access to sample work products and templates. Additionally, we encourage and fund various certifications for our Consultants

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